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Setting up a garden - being surrounded by plants soothes your nerves and helps you relax.

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

Do you want to relax surrounded by greenery, but you don't know where to start?

Setting up a garden requires a lot of energy and time, but not only that. You also need knowledge and skills. We have it all and the effect will exceed your expectations. SJ Wilding Garden Services is a team of enthusiasts who will create a unique, green arrangement for you. Our services include lawn planting, plant care, weed removal, and much more. We take care of the garden at all stages, from design, through its implementation, to careful care. Setting up a garden - is it worth it? The space at your house can be used in many ways, but filling it with greenery is definitely one of the most attractive. The garden is a private relaxation zone for household members and an opportunity to be at one with nature. It has long been known that being surrounded by plants soothes your nerves and helps you relax. Establishing gardens will also increase the attractiveness of the building, which will certainly look even better surrounded by greenery. Anyway, who doesn't dream of stretching out on a deckchair with a good book on a sunny day and enjoying the smell of freshly cut grass? Setting up a garden, however, is quite a challenge. If you do not have a lot of free time or are unfamiliar with plants, we will be happy to help. Professional support is a guarantee of a unique effect, and the number of customers satisfied with our services speaks for itself. We know green.

Even though setting up lawns may seem like nothing difficult, often the result turns out to be unsatisfactory.


Sparse, quickly drying grass is a common problem and frustration for many garden owners. Regardless of whether it is a rolled or sown lawn, if we do not provide it with the right conditions, it will quickly lose its attractive appearance, and all the gardener's efforts will be wasted. That is why it is worth getting the help of professionals. For them, setting up a lawn is not a challenge, and the garden owner himself can thus save himself a lot of stress. The members of the SJ Wilding Garden Services team have the knowledge and experience to quickly cover your garden with lush greenery. What distinguishes us is the high commitment to the services provided and their attractive prices. Roll lawns - a quick effect for your garden Instead of patiently waiting for the sown grass to grow, covering the garden area with greenery, we can put on roll lawns and enjoy the result almost immediately. However, it is not enough to roll out the green roll to ensure a lasting effect. Earlier, it is worth checking the substrate and often also strengthening it. The acidity of the soil and the leveling of the ground surface are also of great importance. If you don't know how to go about it, we'll lay your roll-out lawn for you. You then have a guarantee that the grass will be developed on properly prepared terrain, which will ensure its good condition and long life.

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