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Wooden Fence Maintenance

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

The maintenance of a wooden fence allows it to be kept in perfect condition for many years. Manufacturers of wooden panel fencing ensure the initial impregnation of the material, usually made under pressure, but after some time it requires reinforcement. Impregnation and painting of the wooden fence on your own is possible thanks to specialized paints that allow for proper protection of the wood.

Wooden Fence Maintenance

How to care for a wooden fence?

The maintenance process of a wooden fence is not only intended to provide it with an unchanging, aesthetic appearance. The main goal in this case is to extend the perfect technical condition of the wooden fence and to provide a solid cover for the buildings. This can only be achieved by regularly securing the wood.

Fence maintenance - where to start?

A review of the entire wooden fence will allow you to assess its condition and plan the necessary conservation works. Unfortunately, natural materials can be unpredictable (due to pests, algae, fungi, molds, and other external factors). It is worth making a careful inspection, with particular emphasis on the area of ​​the fence, which is located just above the ground.

Removal of old paint and rotten wood

If the wood has already been painted, e.g. by the fence manufacturer, removing the old coatings before preserving the fence is essential. Due to the uneven surface of the wood, this task may not be easy, but it should be done carefully as any loose pieces of old paint will destroy this freshly applied layer quite quickly.

All pits, traces of insects, and rotten pieces of wood should be removed and cleaned - “until” a solid, healthy surface appears.

Wooden Fence Maintenance

Sanding the surface of a wooden fence

Cleaning, regardless of the tools used, usually leaves the wood “spiky” that needs to be smoothed. The wood should be sanded mechanically or manually. This is not only to improve the appearance but also to prevent the accelerated deposition of contaminants on the uneven surface. Only a properly sanded fence is suitable for further renovation, including, for example, oiling or painting.

What preparations should be used to renovate a wooden fence?

Due to the role of a wooden fence, paints for the renovation of a wooden fence should primarily protect the structure from moisture. In order to choose the appropriate preparations for the renovation of a wooden fence, it is also worth contacting the fence manufacturer. If during cleaning there are problems in the form of moss, algae or discoloration (cyanosis), you should look for a preparation that eliminates this type of pollution. Only on the prepared surface should the appropriate paint be applied.

Means for impregnating a wooden fence

Impregnants differ in properties and the depth of penetration of wood structures. They can have a comprehensive effect - waterproof and at the same time protecting against the effects of mold, fungi, and the like, others, in turn, create only a coating on the surface that reduces the absorbency, but does not provide protection against pests.

Some wood impregnations have a decorative and protective effect, which means the addition of a pigment that tints the wooden surface with a specific color or emphasizes the natural grain of the wood.

Wooden Fence Maintenance

The depth of the impregnation depends mainly on how it is carried out. The best protection is provided by the pressure-vacuum and deep method. You can use the surface impregnation yourself, and here, too, some impregnants are more permeable to the interior of the wood than others.

What to choose: a wooden fence or a palisade or panel fence from the manufacturer?

The choice of the type of fence is related to the style of the buildings and the taste of the owners. Each fence ensures aesthetics and durability, provided that it is properly maintained and its condition periodically inspected.

Metal fencing (manufacturers usually offer panel and palisade spans) requires minimal attention from the owners: inspection, cleaning and possibly, after a very long time, re-painting - that's it! The situation with a wooden fence is a bit more complicated, although in return for proper care it pays back with a completely unique appearance. However, it should be borne in mind that, as a natural material, it is additionally biodegradable. The fence is sometimes attacked by pests and molds, so it requires greater involvement in conservation works, which also entails higher renovation costs.

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